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If a couple has not conceived after a year of regular sexual intercourse without using contraception, it is necessary to contact a specialist for examination. This fact in itself does not mean that one of the spouses is infertile, doctors in this case speak of a temporary inability to conceive a child. In most cases this problem is successfully resolved. To this end, modern reproductive medicine clinics have been established where well-proven infertility treatment methods are practiced.

Medics distinguish between relative and absolute infertility. The first type includes cases in which it was possible to identify and eliminate the causes of the violations in the patient’s body. Absolute infertility means irreversible physiological changes in the sexual apparatus (pelvic organ anomalies, traumatic injuries, surgical removal of genital glands).

Also infertility is subdivided into primary and secondary. With primary infertility has no history of pregnancy at all, although there is a regular sex life without any means or methods of contraception. Secondary infertility is said to occur if there has been at least one pregnancy (regardless of how it ended: childbirth, abortion, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy).